Heraclea Sintica gradually discovers its beauty. Archaeological researches show that this city was comparable to Philipopolis-Plovdiv. Only the small part from the beginning of the city has been discovered but what you can see promises a great history from the ancient times and it is another proof of the glory of our lands. From Sofia to Heraclea Sintica you can go within 2, 5 hours driving. You take the highway ‘Struma’ from Sofia to Blagoevgrad and continue on the old road passing Kresna Gorge and Sandanski. After Sandanski you hit the road to Petrich and then to Rupite. On the way you will see signs to Heraclea Sintica. You must visit this place regardless that just a portion of it has been discovered. There you can see ruins like in Rome. You can combine your trip by visiting the living place of the world famous fortune teller Vanga and feel the energy of the spot. If you have time left go to Samuil’s Fort which is on the way to Macedonia and tells the story about one of the greatest rulers of Bulgaria and Macedonia.Gotobulgaria