Sofia ↔ Rila monastery

   Transport offered: Every day Rila monastery tour
Pickup from your hotel: 9:00 am. or up to you

   The offer includes:

  •    Return ticket to Rila monastery by car or minibus.
  •        All transportation costs along the route, VAT and parking fees.
  •        Pick-up from your hotel
    ·         Professional driver
    ·        Transportation with airconditioned vehicle-car.....READ MORE


1 passenger-€38.50

2 passengers-€19.90 per person

3 passengers-€18.90 per person

4-8 passengers-€17.90 per person

You can book your transfer below!

Transfer from Sofia to Rila monastery

The offer includes: Rila monastery from Sofia      Pickup from your hotel: 9:00 am. or up to you.  ..


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